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Diyalog Messaging Platform


Diyalog is a platform which provides mutual, continuous and secure communication to companies with their customers.

Diyalog is mutual, because;#

  • It provides two-way messaging infrastructure.
  • It provides one-to-one messaging.
  • It provides group creation and group messaging
  • It provides broadcasting messages to multiple users.
  • Messages can be sent to users unless they are not online. Notifications sent to users to inform they have new messages and they can see them whenever they want.
  • Messages states can be monitored by the platform. All messages sent, delivered and read status are tracked.
  • It has apple and Google push notification support.
  • It can send SMS to clients.
  • It can send email to client if it is wanted.
  • Integration - It provides API and SDK to integrate internal and external systems.
  • Bot Library - It has bot library that provides developing autonomous services.

Diyalog is countinuous, because;#

  • It is fast.
  • It has Apple iOS, Android OS client for smart phones and tablets.
  • It has web client.
  • All messages are sent to all clients of users at the same time. Therefor user can see thier messages on every clients.
  • Users can start to communicate from one client (for example mobile device) and finish from other client (for example web client).
  • It provides voice calls with webrtc.
  • It provides video call with webrtc.
  • It supports voice messages.
  • It supports photo messages.
  • It support video messages.
  • It supports files and documents sharing.
  • It can store all media and documents on central storages and cloud storages.

Diyalog is secure, because;#

  • It is enterprise infrastructure.
  • All parts like application, database and storage servers can be deployed to enterprise's infrastructure.
  • System is protected by TLS ans AES 256 encryption.
  • Every connection is encrypted by unique keys.
  • Company and custermer users can configure and coordinate in the platform.
  • All messages are stored in the system.
  • All messaging can be audited.