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Diyalog Messenger Platform(DLG Platfrom) provides you to send your users some contents such as text, audio, image, video and file.

There are also some predefined message templates on the platform. You can send these structured messages to your users for a good user experience.

Supported Message Types#
  • Text
  • Media (picture, sound, image, video and file)
  • Generic Template
  • Button Template
  • Quick Reply Template
  • OneTimePassword (OTP-MOK)

You can send these type of messages to your users by using SendMesssage ve SendOTP apis of the platform.

DLG platform can feed the states which are sent, delivered and read of the messages that you send your users to your system.

DLG platform has ability to feed all type of states and events that has it to your system. For doing this, you should provide a http api that support POST method in your application. The platform will feed the events by calling your http api automatically.

You can find details in webhook documents.

There are some configuration tasks that need to be done by administrator of the platform in order to use DLG messaging api and receiving events. These are:

  • DLG admin user should create a bot user and share token information of it with you. You will need this token to call messaging api. Otherwise you cannot send any message.

  • You need to create a http api which supports POST method in your application.

  • If you want to be receive the events and states of your messages by the DLG plaftform, admin user should add your http api uri into the platform configuration.